What are cookies?

 Cookies are text files with data that help your browser navigate through the Internet/particular web locations that you visit, and are placed on your device. The main purpose of cookies is proper functioning of the website or its improvement, as well as providing information to the website’s owner.

This is what we could call in other words an ID card, while the job of cookies is to provide information to the website that the user has logged in again. By memorizing the browser setup, login data and systemic information, the user can access the system and enjoy a service-oriented and optimized website.

Who puts cookies on a website?

Cookies on our website are put by SF1 Clips Ltd, MK Business Centre, 155A, Floor 2, Valley Road Birkirkara BKR9022, Malta. Certain cookies are put by third parties selected as suppliers.

Why do we use cookies?

In order to enable the proper functioning of our website, we sometimes place cookies on your device.

What types of cookies are used on the Pandora website?

On our website we use the following types of cookies






Types of cookies





For how long are cookies stored

Strictly necessary cookies:
These cookies are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Web application and cannot be turned off in our systems. They are used for saving the status of changes made on the web page. These cookies do not gather user personal data and are not used in combination with some other data to be used for the identification of the visitors to the website. These cookies can be blocked in the browser, but if this is the case, certain parts of the Web application may not work as intended without cookies.



As long as necessary

Analytical cookies:
These cookies enable us to count visits and traffic sources, thus allowing to measure and improve the work of the Web application. These cookies tell us which web pages are the most  popular ones, and the least popular one, and in what manner do the visitors move around the Web application. All data gathered by these cookies accumulate, which is the reason why they are anonymous. If you don’t want to accept these cookies, we won’t know when you have visited our Web application.


90 days

Marketing cookies:
These cookies on our Web application are placed by marketing partners. These companies can use them for defining the profile of your interests so that relevant ads could pop-up on other web pages. These cookies identify in a unique manner your browser and device. If you don’t accept these cookies, target ads will not appear on various web pages, but only ads which are not in your sphere of interest.


90 days

Furthermore, we use cookies to remember your preferences:

Language and country;

Your own creations;

Browser setup and plugins;

Saving information on the use of our website.



Since we have remembered your setup, we don’t have to ask you, for example, what country are you from every time you visit our website. Your setup also tells us which equipment you use. Thus, we can setup the website to provide the best user experience ever. In order to optimize your experience even more, we gather data on your movement tracking on the website and its use. Please bear in mind that the data we gather will be used for statistical purposes only and not personal needs.

Certain cookies are placed by third parties selected to be our suppliers.


How to avoid and/or delete cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies according to their default setup, but you can modify the setup of your browser not to accept cookies or to delete cookies from your system. Most browsers enable Private mode where the cookies are deleted after each visit.

Depending on which browser is being used, the setup has a different name; please find below the most frequent browsers and Private modes:

Internet Explorer 8 and new versions; InPrivate

Firefox 3,5 and new versions; Private Browsing

Google Chrome 10 and newer versions; Incognito

Safari 2 and newer versions; Private Browsing

Opera 10.5 and newer versions; Private Browsing


Please read the “Help” section of your browser for more information how to enable the Private mode or how to delete cookies. You can still visit our website although your browser is in Private mode, however your user experience may not be optimal and some functions may not work.