Do you know the ideal size of your necklace? This necklace size guide will help you choose the perfect necklace size to create your own look.

How to find your perfect necklace length:

The perfect necklace length is individual; however, there are a few ways to figure out which length will suit you best. Use the instructions below to find your new favorite necklace length.


Wrist Size Bracelet Size
38 15
40 15.7
42 16.5
45 17.7
50 19.7
60 23.6
65 25.6
70 27.6
75 29.5
80 31.5
90 35.4


Pandora chokers come in one size only and are fully adjustable with a sliding clasp.

Pandora ME Necklaces:
Pandora ME Chain Necklaces come in one size only and are not adjustable.